The Love You Threw Away

Life moves on. I’m married now. I have two children and love my family a lot! Eight years ago you chose another over me. My life had to take a different direction. The one you picked has left you behind and now you want me. I will always love you, but you’re too late. V.M.

You say you want me, and it’s too late.
Once my love for you was so great.
But it’s too late to love me now.
You say you need me, and it’s too bad.
I know the feeling and it’s so sad.
But it’s too late to love me now.
Don’t you know how hard I tried to hold out just for you?
Loving you from memory day by day.
Then someone came into my life, turned my dreams around
…taking all the love you threw away.
From “It’s Too Late To Love Me Now”
By Bourke, Dobbins and Wilson

Time Heals...

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