No Certain Place

broken20heart1Try not to cry for the person who hurts you. Do your best to smile & say, “Thanks for giving me the chance to find someone better than you”. For a long time I thought I didn’t deserve anything more. It took you breaking my heart to learn differently. E.O.


There is a time
for departure
even when there’s
no certain place to go.
Tennessee Williams

Lifeless Remnants

broken20heart1Sometimes, you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t. I held out for as long as I could. My love for you has slowly died from lack of attention. All that remains are near lifeless remnants of what once lived in my heart. T.G.


Moving on is simple,
it’s what you leave behind
that makes it so difficult.

Not Much of a Point

broken20heart1My friends and family were right when they said I went crazy when you asked for a divorce. With the mention of that one word, my world became a dark place where I saw no future. It took months before the sheer agony of losing you began to fade L.S.


You can obsess and obsess
over how things ended…
what you did wrong
or could have done differently;
but there’s not much of a point.
It’s not like it’ll change anything.
Jess Rothenberg

While In The Blindness

broken20heart1I am going to forget how much you hurt me, but I’ll never forget what loving you taught me. Trust should not be given while in the blindness of newly awakened passion. I will never get involved again believing a person with will change if I love them enough. A.T.


At some point,
you’ll have to realize
that some people
can stay in your heart,
but not in your life.
Ashley Hodgeson

A Long Time

broken20heart1Loving you taught me many things including how much I could love; the great happiness possible; the depth of pain I could feel and how much I could cry. The tears have slowed, but not stopped. Getting over you and how much I love you will take a long time. H.P.

But_I_love_her_like_no_other_by_tokarchukTrying to make someone
fall in love with you
is about as pointless
as trying to control
who you fall in love with.

Looking For Answers

broken20heart1What happened? How much was your fault? How much mine? Which things could I have done differently? What should you have done another way? This is the “looking for answers” game I play. I’m beginning to realize it doesn’t matter. “We” are not more. B.C.

in the wind

You can obsess and obsess
over how things ended-
what you did wrong
or could have done differently-
but there’s not much of a point.
It’s not like it’ll change anything.
From “The Catastrophic History of You and Me”
By Jess Rothenberg

Arrived Right Where I was

broken20heart1It took me a long time to get over what loving you did to me. I was lost like a boat without a rudder or sail. Even adrift I was still headed somewhere, I just didn’t know my destination. Then I found out. I arrived right where I was, able and ready to love again. B.M.


If I am to be fallen into love, I will.
And if as a result I will appear to be stupid,
disillusioned, and of poor judgment, I will.
And I would be damned if I cared what other people think.
For I would rather be thought of as all of these things, than not love.
If in loving, I become the naked woman on the horse,
I will ride that horse with my head held high.
This is my spirit. I am unbreakable.

Back To Me Easily

broken20heart1I wasn’t drunk, but I had put away a few when I decided to call you at home last night. When your phone went unanswered, a tear ran down my cheek. Now I’m glad you didn’t take my call. I promised to leave you alone and I will do better at keeping my word. S.P.


I remembered your phone number.
It came back to me easily
as these feelings
of loving you.
I miss you,
you know.
I wish you had been home.
Peter McWilliams

Without Me

broken20heart1If inside you was half as pretty as the outside, loving you would have been joyful. Instead you brought little but anguish and pain. It’s as if you think because you are so beautiful you can do whatever you want, when you want. You still can, but without me! S.O.


Most people tend to think
the best of those
who are blessed with beauty;
we have difficulty imagining
that physical perfection
can conceal twisted emotions
or a damaged mind.
Dean Koontz

The Hardest Part

broken20heart1Most days I do okay and even find myself smiling and laughing again. But there’s still a dull ache that never seems to go away. It reminds me you’re gone and aren’t coming back. Missing you isn’t the hardest part, knowing I once had you is what breaks my heart. T.D.

Heart of the Machine

A final comfort that is small,
but not cold:
The heart is the only broken
instrument that works.
T.E. Kalem

Image by Audrey J. Ross